Case Results

The Musgrove Law Firm has a track record of success to back up our reputation as a firm that fights for everyday people. Having recovered millions for our injured clients in premises liability cases, car accident cases, and more, our Forsyth County attorney has the experience and resources needed to represent you in your unique personal injury case. Contact us online or call (470) 347-1515 to schedule your free consultation today. You deserve to have an attorney on your side who is known for securing optimal results in injury claims.

  • $325,000
    Premises Liability
    I represented a young girl who was injured by a fixture on a commercial property, fracturing her leg and requiring surgery.
  • $250,000
    Elderly rear-end collision

    I represented a 90-year-old man who was rear-ended at a red light. Due to the speed of the crash, as well as my client’s fragile condition, he sustained significant injuries and underwent 2 years of treatment. We were able to obtain all available insurance.

  • $220,000
    Ride Share Collision
    Four passenger side swiped in interstate, caused to collide with a median wall. Foreign students with limited English and unable to navigate the medical process.
  • $163,000
    Run-away truck
    My client was hit by a defective truck while standing in her driveway. The impact injured multiple areas of her body and resulting in nerve ablation surgery.
  • $136,000
    Commercial Bus Wreck
    I represented 3 elderly individuals who were riding on a charter bus for a weekend excursion. A tractor-trailer pulled out in front of the bus, which was traveling too fast. The bus driver was killed in the collision. My clients sustained cuts and bruises, as well as some soft tissue injuries, along with fairly significant PTSD.
  • $100,000
    Grocery store slip and fall
    My client slipped in water near the deli of a grocery store. She injured her hip, requiring surgery.