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Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta


I used Ben Musgrove as my lawyer for a personal injury claim after a horrific car accident. Ben did an amazing job and was always on top of everything. He made everything as stress free as possible so I could focus my attention on getting well. I would definitely recommend Ben to any of my friends and family.
– Cassie B.


If you ever need “an attorney in the family”…. Ben Musgrove is the guy. He treats you like family or an old friend from the first meeting. He talks and advises in language that you can understand. Ben helped me with the maze of insurance/ Medicare/assisted living issues with my dad and performed admirably. He will be assisting me with the family trust later this year. Ben Musgrove will be my go to attorney for all my future legal needs. Thank you Ben.
– Warren T.


Ben went above and beyond to help my family with a lawsuit claim from an insurance company. His knowledge of this type lawsuit and his negotiation skills helped our situation significantly. Outstanding, I HIGHLY recommend the Musgrove Law Firm.
– Troy Y.


I would highly recommend Ben. He is a very professional and caring attorney. He kept me well informed on my personal injury case and he settled in a timely manner.
– Connie R.


I was in a car wreck back in September 2017 where a young driver pulled out in front of me and my young child, we slid down the road and then went down an ravine where we ended up hitting a tree. The car was totaled and we was ok except for some bumps and bruises. We was very shaken up since this was my daughters first car accident and my first car accident having my child in the car with me. The insurance company didn’t want to give us what we thought was sufficient for pain and suffering so I called Ben Musgrove who ended up getting a better settlement for us. He was very professional and stayed in constant contact with us every step of the way. The personal injury settlement was far more by hiring Ben than what they was willing to give us so this also helped us to get a new vehicle since we had lost a very nice vehicle and wouldn’t be able to get it replaced for what we had paid for it.
– Stephanie P.


My husband and I were in a tour bus that had a wreck with a big rig in October 2016. It was very traumatic. We were both injured so we had a personal injury case. We were fortunate to find Ben. He handled our case professionally but also with heart. We knew he cared and did everything for us. He got us a nice settlement. We recommend him Highly. or it.
– Barbara P. and Jean Claude P.


The Musgrove Law Firm did a wonderful job for me after I was rear ended after stopping for a red light. The person who hit me then called her husband and left the scene. After spending several thousand dollars on medical care, Ben Musgrove got me a settlement which allowed me to pay off my medical and have a little left over. I would recommend The Musgrove Law Firm to anyone who has been in any kind of accident. Thanks again Ben.
– Carol B.


Great Lawyer! He was always fast and very professional!
– Ashli H.


Accident Lawyer Atlanta


Ben Musgrove was my attorney for a personal injury after an automobile accident. Ben is extremely professional and diligent . He maintains open and continuous communication throughout the entire process. I was happy to have him by my side when I felt all hope was lost dealing with insurance companies. I highly recommend Ben to anyone needing his services.
– Jennifer K.


Ben became my attorney after an automobile accident, in which I had sustained some injuries. He was very diligent and kept an open comminucation with us throughout the entire process. He was also able to professionaly deal with everyone invovled. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone in need of an attorney!
– Megan K.


When another driver ran his red light and crashed into me at 60 mph my world was turned upside down, literally. I am thankful to still be alive and to see my family each day. After recovery, Ben Musgrove and his team took an incredibly proactive and personal approach to eliminating all the different stress points that come with an auto accident. Thank you Ben for making life easier.
– Blake G.


Ben is a pro! He knows how to handle your case with care and detail. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone looking to hire a law firm.
– Stephen S.


I would recommend the Musgrove law firm to anyone for personal injury or accident or even estate planning. Ben is a stand-up guy super nice and don’t mind taking time to talk to you if you need to talk and I love the fact that he also has a Christian background Ben was wonderful to use… Thank you so much for everything you helped me through.
– Brandon D.


I would recommend Ben to anyone. Great person, trusted him, he did exactly what he said he would! A+.
– Marvin M.


Highly recommend The Musgrove Law Firm to anyone in need of an attorney. Ben assisted me with car accident after being hit by drunk driver. Within a few weeks of talking with Ben, he was able to get the necessary settlement deserved!!
– Jamarious M.


I didn’t even know my situation warranted a lawyer, but The Musgrove Firm took over all handling of my claim immediately. This young firm operates and achieves results like a seasoned vet. Thanks Ben, you exceeded expectations.
– Danny K.


When my mother had her accident, I didn’t know where to turn for help. I was referred to Ben by someone I trusted. After speaking with him, he took over and took all the worry out of our hands. In the end, he got my mother what she deserved and helped me in the process. He is very kind and completely different than any other attorneys I have ever worked with. I would recommend him to anyone.
– Chris O.


Car Wreck Lawyer