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Estate Planning

Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney

Very few areas of law are as personal and intimate as estate planning. That is why I decided to be an Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney. Every individual or family has a set of needs and desires that are different from the next, and an estate plan should be crafted in a way that caters to and satisfies those needs and desires. For this reason, estate planning needs to begin with a thorough understanding of your family, your assets, your goals, and your will.


Georgia Estate Attorney


I like to tell people that when it comes to planning your estate, I can pitch you a tent or build you the Taj Mahal, and ultimately you get to decide which works better for you. For many people, a simple will can handle their needs by establishing beneficiaries, devising family heirlooms, and/or determining guardians. For other families, however, it may be necessary to consider tax or other consequences and to structure your plan to keep as much of your assets in your family as possible. Even further, an estate plan may require the incorporation of trusts, so as to avoid assets being inherited too soon or by a person who is not able to manage them, such as a child or a disabled spouse.


Estate Planning Lawyer in Georgia


At The Musgrove Law Firm, you are guaranteed to receive the care, understanding and experience that is required to meet your estate planning and probate needs, regardless of the size of your estate. It is my goal to carefully and compassionately craft the legal documents needed to ensure that what you want to happen when you finish this life will actually happen.