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What to Do After a Car Accident | Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta | The Musgrove Firm

What to Do After a Car Accident

What to Do After a Car Accident in Atlanta

A car accident can be really scary. It can be difficult to know what to do after one happens, especially if this is the first time it has happened to you. This is a quick guide to help you know what to do after a car accident occurs.


Stop and check yourself for injuries first, then check on the well-being of your passengers if you have any. If you are injured, call 911 and stay still if possible. You may have a head or neck injury that will require special care. Often, you will not feel injuries from car accidents initially because of adrenaline.

This most likely goes without saying, but it is also important to never leave the scene of an accident, no matter how minor, even if the other person does.

Stay calm and get safe

Try and stay calm and assess the safety of the situation. Check on the driver of the other vehicle, are they ok? Dial 911 to get some help on the scene if you or the other driver need immediate medical attention. If you and the other driver need to move to a safer location, then get there as soon as possible.

It can be helpful to set up flares, traffic cones, or even flashlights around the scene of the accident to help prevent additional accidents from occurring if it is necessary to move vehicles out of the roadway.

Get help

In Georgia you are required to notify the police if one of these three things is true:

  • There is damage over $500.
  • A personal injury occurs.
  • A death occurs.

Even if no injury or death occurs, and the damage seems minor, it is always good to err on the side of caution and call the police to have them come out to make a report. Injuries that seem minor at the time can later turn out to be more serious than originally thought because of the numbing effect of the initial rush of adrenaline.  Likewise, it can be really hard to estimate damage accurately, and if you want to get compensated properly then you will need to have a police report in place. So, when in doubt, call the police. Their report may be the strongest document in your case.

Exchange information

It is very important to exchange information with the other driver involved in the accident for insurance purposes and legal purposes. Get the following information from the other driver and give them the same information about yourself.

  • Full name and phone number.
  • Insurance provider and policy number.
  • Driver’s license number and license plate number.
  • Details about the vehicle; make, model, color, and year.
  • Location of the accident.

Document the accident

Now that any injuries have been taken care of and people are safe, let’s turn to make sure that you are legally protected and get documentation for your collision claim.

  • Police: When the police arrive to make the accident report be sure that you get their badge numbers, names, and a way to contact them later if you need to. Find out how you can obtain a copy of their official accident report when they file it.
  • Pictures: Take lots and lots of pictures. Take pictures of your car, take pictures of the other car. You can even take pictures of the surroundings and anything related to the accident that may document what happened and what caused it. You might also want to make notes on what the photos show if you think it will help you and your legal counsel put together what happened later.
  • People: Get the information of all of the people involved in the accident. Write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the other driver, any passengers, and passerby and witnesses if there are any.
  • Procure: Talk to any witnesses and take down their statement about what happened. These can be crucial to reconstructing what happened and determining who was at fault later on.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

Give the Musgrove Law Firm a call at 470-839-2769, so that we can talk about how we can best represent you and get you and your family what you need. If you or your family have been injured or if you have suffered property damage, we are here to help you get things set to right, or as right as they can be.

At the Musgrove Law Firm, we can help you navigate every step of the personal injury or personal property claims process, from notifying the insurance company through the trial, if it comes to that. We care about you and your family, and about getting you what you need to help put your life back together. For more information on what a personal injury claim looks like from start to finish, check out our article here.

A car accident can be scary, but with the Musgrove Law Firm by your side, it doesn’t have to be.