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Personal Injury Attorney Cumming | The Musgrove Firm

Cumming Personal Injury Attorney

Ben Musgrove is a Cumming personal injury attorney from Georgia and an old soul with a passion for helping people.

Ben sprouted roots in Carrollton, Georgia, was the oldest son of a small business owner and the eldest brother of four children. He has remained dedicated to his small-town southern values. These values, paired with an uncompromising work ethic, have allowed Ben to steadily progress in his career as an attorney in Cumming, Georgia, and counselor at law.


Personal Injury Lawyer in Cumming Ga

While Ben enjoys being a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, his most gratifying role is as a counselor. Regardless of financial gain, Ben enjoys listening to people’s issues and helping whenever possible.


In a time where attorneys have become extremely specialized, Ben is an attorney for “everyday people.” That means he is a general attorney prepared to listen and help where he can. Ben’s philosophy is “tell me what is wrong, and if I can’t fix it, I will help you find someone that can.”


Cumming Personal Injury Lawyer

While Ben primarily practices as a successful personal injury lawyer in the Atlanta area, his knowledge and competency stretch much further than simply personal injury. Ben also has experience as an Atlanta estate planning attorney and as an Atlanta business lawyer.


Ben has handled various cases throughout Georgia, from smaller personal injury with settlements between $10,000.00 and $50,000.00, to serious injury cases with half-million-dollar results. His resume also boasts success in extremely complex litigation against the FDIC and its subsidiaries, a mega-textile corporation in South Georgia, and multiple small-business construction cases. And while Ben enjoys litigation and the thrills that come along with it, he has a real passion for helping people in writing their wills as well. Ben Musgrove is a Cumming, Georgia attorney with a heart for helping people with their problems. 


“A personal attorney for everyday people.”

Cumming Ga Personal Injury Attorney

Ben is not some “big-city” Atlanta personal injury attorney looking for fame and fortune. He is a simple man, looking to help those with legal issues that they may not be capable of handling. Or simply do not have time to deal with legal matters themselves. Ben has the experience and knowledge to litigate successfully against and negotiate with “big-city” attorneys and insurance companies. But he still provides simple and effective services to the people of his community. Ben is a personal attorney in Georgia for everyday people.

Lawyer in Cumming Georgia

If you aren’t sure if you need a personal injury lawyer in Cumming Georgia, give Ben Musgrove a call. He offers free legal consultations in Cumming and will let you know if he can take care of your case. If he can’t take care of you, he will refer you to someone who can. The Musgrove Law Firm is committed to your personal injury, estate, or business litigation legal needs in Georgia.