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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney in Cumming


Just the mention of “personal injury attorney” elicits a variety of negative responses from individuals in the community, including, annoyance, anger, disapproval, and judgment.


This is because personal injury is without a doubt the most misunderstood and probably most underappreciated area of legal practice. I chose to be a personal injury attorney in Atlanta because I believe I can help everyday people get the justice they deserve to recover from their injuries with as much ease as possible.


Personal Injury Lawyer

People automatically associate personal injury lawsuits with individuals seeking a windfall or trying to “game” the system at another’s expense, and because of such, the benefit of a personal injury attorney is often overlooked.


A common misunderstanding is that personal injury claims are made against the at-fault party directly. While this may be true in a general sense, the fact of the matter is that all personal injury claims are investigated, defended, and ultimately paid by the insurance company for the negligent party…an organization whose only interest is protecting their bank account, not in making sure that you are compensated for your injuries. The only way to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by an insurance company is with the assistance of counsel.


Cumming Personal Injury Laws

At The Musgrove Law Firm, the majority of my practice focuses on personal injury. It is not the individual who is seeking to “game” the system or benefit at another’s expense that I represent. Instead, I strive to help those who have been legitimately injured by the negligence of another.


Lawyer for Car Accidents and More

While I understand that accidents happen, I also understand that those accidents, more often than not, cause pain, require time away from work and loved ones, necessitate extensive medical treatment, and can dramatically affect a person’s life. Something as simple as a low-impact rear-end collision can have a devastating impact on a spine, causing premature aging and unwanted pain.


Lawyer Car Accidents

No attorney can replace lost time, heal injured bodies, or cause an accident not to happen. Ultimately, the only remedy available to a person injured by the negligence of another is money. Having said that, it is my promise that at the conclusion of your claim you will have received as much money as the law allows and every penny you are entitled to!