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People automatically associate personal injury lawsuits with individuals seeking a windfall or trying to “game” the system at another’s expense, and because of such, the benefit of a personal injury attorney is often overlooked. While those types of people certainly exist, at The Musgrove Law Firm, we make a special effort to represent only those people who truly need our help.

In doing so, we are able to devote more time to our clients and their issues, and in turn obtain more favorable results. Our Forsyth County personal injury attorney and team take pride in our work because we believe we can help everyday people get the justice they deserve to recover from their injuries with as much ease as possible. Our goal is to change the way the public views personal injury and personal injury lawyers.

Our team offers personalized legal services that only a small, devoted law firm can offer. Begin by calling (470) 347-1515 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation, or contact us online.

Offering Legal Aid in More Than Just Car Wrecks

We have found that most people automatically associate personal injury with car wrecks and back pain, but it is so much more.

Personal injuries can occur from:

Injuries can be as minor as bumps and bruises or may involve broken bones and injured muscles. In the most serious cases injuries may result in severed spinal cords, brain injuries, psychological injuries, dismemberment, disability, or even death.

What is clear is that personal injury claims are caused by the negligence, and sometimes intent, of others, who acted in a manner that they should not have and injured someone as a result. When this occurs, you should not have to worry about receiving treatment, paying medical bills, missing pay, or taking care of your body in the future.

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Personal Injury Doesn’t Always Result in a Lawsuit

A common misunderstanding is that all personal injury claims are lawsuits and all lawsuits are made against the at-fault party directly. While this may be true in some instances, the fact of the matter is that most personal injury claims settle long before lawsuits are needed through a demand process.

Additionally, most, if not all personal injury claims are investigated, defended, and ultimately paid by the insurance company for the negligent party – an organization whose only interest is protecting their bank accounts, not in making sure that you are compensated for your injuries. The only way to ensure that your claim is properly presented and financially maximized, as well as to ensure you are not taken advantage of by an insurance company, is with the assistance of counsel.

Healing begins when you contact our Forsyth County personal injury lawyer to handle your personal injury claim at (470) 347-1515. We offer compassionate service during a stressful time, and even have a friendly office dog to keep your mind at ease during your consultation.

  • Premises Liability $325,000

    I represented a young girl who was injured by a fixture on a commercial property, fracturing her leg and requiring surgery.

  • Elderly rear-end collision $250,000

    Due to the speed of the crash, as well as my client’s fragile condition, he sustained significant injuries and underwent 2 years of treatment.

  • Ride Share Collision $220,000

    Four passenger side swiped in interstate, caused to collide with a median wall. Foreign students with limited English and unable to navigate the medical process.

  • Run-away truck $163,000

    My client was hit by a defective truck while standing in her driveway. The impact injured multiple areas of her body and resulting in nerve ablation surgery.

  • Commercial Bus Wreck $136,000

    A tractor-trailer pulled out in front of the bus, which was traveling too fast. The bus driver was killed in the collision.

  • Grocery store slip and fall $100,000

    My client slipped in water near the deli of a grocery store. She injured her hip, requiring surgery.

  • Run-away truck $100,000

    A settlement with litigation still ongoing, client was hit by a defective truck while sitting in her vehicle in her friend’s driveway.

  • T-Bone $75,000

    My client t-boned an elderly gentleman who pulled out in front of her. The impact caused severe whiplash to my client resulting in significant medical treatment.

  • T-Bone collision $71,000

    Young lady entering her first year of college was t-boned in an intersection. She suffered from terrible anxiety and pre-existing back injuries, which were exacerbated by the crash.

  • Roll-over on interstate $62,000

    Young mother side swiped on the interstate, caused to enter median and roll 4 times. Crash caught on dashcam. Limited back and neck pain following the collision.


How We Can Help

While we understand that accidents happen, we also understand that those accidents, more often than not, cause pain, require time away from work and loved ones, necessitate extensive medical treatment, and can dramatically affect a person’s life. Something as simple as a low impact rear-end collision can have a devastating impact on a spine, causing premature aging and unwanted pain.

No attorney can replace lost time, heal injured bodies, or cause an accident not to happen. Ultimately, the only remedy available to a person injured by the negligence of another is money. In order to secure the full amount of compensation you deserve to move on, you need to work with a law firm that takes the time to understand your story, as well as your needs and goals. As a small law firm, we’re able to give you the attention you and your case require to achieve success. Our Forsyth County injury attorney is accessible to all clients and can answer any questions or concerns you may have when you have them. You won’t be passed off to a case manager at our firm.

Additionally, we can provide you with all the convenience you need while you focus on healing. This means that if you can’t come to our office for your free consultation, we can come to you, whether you’re recovering at home or in the hospital. Your health and well-being are our top priority.

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